We all know that one wanker that smells kinda weird, never wears even a brush of make up, wears only recycled clothes and gives off an aura that they think they’re better than you. They boast about only using natural products and feel at one with nature. They may also smoke weed and partake in the occasional acid tab. But that’s neither here nor there.

I know many of these people. I grew up in a town full of them. They bumble down streets with their tye dye hemp skirts flowing and their dreadlocks flapping in the breeze. Psychedelic rock, shoegaze and folk are their preferred musical genres and they often have a proficiency for a weird and whacky instrument like the recorder, windpipe or basoon.

I used to look at these people and think ‘what the absolute fuck’, but as I’ve gotten older and more environmentally conscious I’ve found myself becoming more and more like the hippy wankers I once held so much disdain for.

To start with the obvious: I’m vegan now. That was the gateway life choice that’s lead me onto this path. The next thing was that I started trying to buy sustainable food and clothing and shop at second hand stores when I could and avoid major chains. Then, more recently, I have replaced all of my bath products with natural alternatives. I would’ve done the same with my make up but I actually don’t wear make up anymore apart from on the rare social occasion. I even put coconut oil in my bloody hair! What the hell?! Where did the old Morgan vanish to?

The weird thing is though, I kinda like the new me. I think she’s great. I feel proud when I roll on my natural lavender deoderant in the morning and turn down a meat dish at a restaurant. I feel proud of myself for becoming a crusador for my own beliefs. I mean really, how great is that?!

I still like my hair smooth and tangle free and I’m not about to start going barefoot (I live in London for God’s sake, I don’t want to die) but I do find myself sharing the beliefs of those weird and whacky hippies you see roaming the neighbourhood every now and then.

I can just feel my teenage self rolling her eyes and calling me ’embarassing’….


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