Eating out or going for a morning coffee can be pretty bloody irritating when you’re a vegan. When I first moved to London I found myself always nipping into the nearest Pret or Costa solely for the purpose of convenience, however in doing this I gave up my love for small independently owned cafes with regular staff who know your name and your favourite order, cool juices and funky little cups to plonk your latte in. I was selling my soul to the chains and franchises of the coffee world and their mediocre flat whites and over worked staff. So a few months ago I decided that enough was enough and I threw in the towel and hunted my way around London for the best vegan cafes I could find.

Here they are:

THE GALLERY CAFE (Bethnal Green): Amazing food and almost all vegan (aside from a few, caked and croissants). Wraps, pizzas, soups, salads, stir fry, satay, cup cake, brownie, juice, coffee tea. Eat your heart out. It has amazing atmosphere, a lovely garden out the back to sit in during the summer time and the prices are pretty damn fair (£11 for a flat white, juice and a wrap. Thank you Gallery Cafe).

BEAR + WOLF (Tufnell Park): Well equipped with power points if you want to write/facebook stalk old friends from highschool. Lovely staff. Great coffee. They make the best juice I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking, it’s a strawberry, orange, basil and ginger juice. Fuck yes.

YUMCHAA (Camden Town): Delicious coffee and a great atmosphere with lounges and chairs and cute tables. They sell artisan tea which makes for a lovely little present for someone special or a nice little treat for youself. They also have a few vegan options on the menue.

VEGAN HIPPO (Soho): BEST JACKFRUIT BURGER EVER. Amazing for dinner and they due cute pots of Booja Booja ice cream if you’re hankering for something sweet after. They also have a great selection of coffee and cake on offer too.

These are my favourite cafes to frequent.

What are yours?

Have you found somewhere with killer vegan cake for a sweet addict like me?

Where do you go for your morning coffee hit?


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