I LOVE Sunday.

For me it feels like the only day in my week that doesn’t carry with it any expectation of activity. It’s a blank slate.

Living in a bustling city that pumps with constant adrenaline I need to have a day where I can choose not engage with the mania. London has a unique ability to hook you in with it’s towering buildings, flood of people and never ending stream of events and places to go. I’ve often found myself subconsciously taking part in everything that comes my way; working during the week, going out to dinner and drinks, gigs on a week night, parties on my weekend then scrambling to get food in my fridge and clean washing in my cupboard on a Sunday night before the rat race begins again. But everytime I get to this place I am reminded that I abhor it. I need time to be alone, it’s intergral to my wellbeing that I let myself be quiet and think and explore and imagine. I can’t do that if I am constantly doing.

So Sunday has become my day. My day to be with me. My day to think. My day to do whatever the fuck it is that I want to do. No expectations, no strings attached. Sunday is my one night stand with myself and I bloody love it.

I love rolling out of bed at whatever time I happen to wake up, I make myself a good strong coffee and I sit down with my computer to tap away looking at social media and whatever I fancy. I play video games, I write, I take myself out for lunch, I go for a swim, I do yoga, I do some shopping, I put fresh sheets on my bed, I take a bath. I do whatever comes to mind and whatever feels good. Sunday is my favourite day of the week. Hands down.

What day of the week is your Sunday?


3 thoughts on “SUNDAY

  1. Mindfump says:

    That all sounds fabulous right now, but I am sick right now so I’m currently rolling around complaining and generally dealing with it very well. But as soon as I’m better I’m having one of your Sundays.


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