Let me preface this by saying that, whilst I appreciate the cultural phenomenon that is the Star Wars franchise, I have never been a fan. I saw the odd Star Wars film when it was on television, I was famaliar with the characters and knew who Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill were but I never felt passionate about the series.

Ok, so with that out of the way one may be able to understand that my enthusiasm levels when I booked my boyfriend and I tickets to the Star Wars Identities exhibit at the O2 centre for his birthday were pretty darn low. I knew he was going to absolutely love it as he been a Star Wars fan since his days as an embryo so I had prepped myself to play the role of the supportive girlfiend who takes lots of pictures and says ‘ooooooh, aaaaahhh’ at the appropriate moments. But when we got to the O2 and were given a cool wristband and an earpiece and briefed before we entered the exhibit I actually felt mildly excited. By the time we actually entered I was completely blown away.

For a start they have so many of the original costumes (including Darth Vader, Princess Leia, R2 D2 and Han Solo) which are phenomenal to see in person. Sketches of the various sets, characters, planets, ships and costumes are dotted around the exhibit too and they are so delightfully detailed. I was in awe of how much time and creativity went in to creating the Star Wars universe. But the coolest thing about the whole exhibit for me was creating my own Star Wars character. Through interactove sections throughout the exhibit everyone was able to create a profile for their character, choose a career path and values for it and engage with loads of nuanced scenarios.

It took an hour to get through the entire display, and at £25 a head it is on the expensive side, but it was beautifully arranged, entertaining and fascinating.

Who else has been to an awesome exhibit lately? Where was it and what was so great?


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