It wouldn’t be untrue to say that London is an expensive city to live in. In fact, on the 1st of March 2016 the Evening Standard ranked London as the most expensive city in the world to live. Yikes. To survive in London I’ve learned that one must budget. Hard. And with budgeting comes prioritising.

When fellow Australians move to the U.K it’s not just for a sea change but it’s usually also because of its proximity to the rest of Europe. It’s incredibly easy to jump on a train to Paris, Belgium and Holland. You can zip on a jet over to Italy, Spain, Greece, wherever you want! Thus, as I don’t know how long I’ll have Europe at my fingertips, travel is high on my priority list and a large portion of my savings go towards holidays.

Next weekend I will be wandering the streets of Amsterdam and the week following I’ll be doing the same in Belfast. These aren’t my only two trips for the forseeable future- I’ve got Surrey in May, Brussels in June, Cardiff in July. My oh my. This year is going to be busy. But as I’m travelling so much I’m finding the one real drawback is I’ve becoming increasingly boring during my time in London. I’m not longer frivolous when I’m going out and I’m constantly tallying my expenditures for the week on the notebook in my phone. I don’t treat myself as often to coffees and little trinkets and all of my spending feels very calculated.

It’s hard to live a balanced life while saving for travel, topping up the ‘rainy day’ fund, paying rent, buying groceries and trying to keep a little bit at the end for fun, and to be honest I think my balance has fallen a little off the wagon over the last few months. But I’m getting back on track and I’m determined to do it all.

How have you managed to do it ‘all’? Do you have any tricks for travelling on a budget?

I’ll update the blog with a new post next week about my splendourous adventures in the Netherlands!


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