Travel. Travel often. And travel alone.

In a world where Contiki tours are smothering cities with hoards of drunk 20-somethings and hostels are constantly trying to smush you in a dorm and get you making friends with your roommates ASAP it’s sometimes difficult to remember that you don’t always have to travel with someone.

As a young woman I find it incredibly liberating to book a trip and navigate a new place on my own. Every time I do it I remind myself that I am resourceful, independent and completely capable. As well as feeling totally badass travelling by myself it’s also freeing to be solely in charge of your holiday activities. There’s no conflicting interests, other dietary requirements of someone else’s sore feet to negotiate with. It’s just you- doing what you want when you want. Bliss.

I’ve just spent my weekend in Holland. I went solo and stayed with some family friends in Den Haag. I went into Amsterdam during the day then headed back to Den Haag for dinner and rest in the evenings. I wandered along the canals, stumbled through the red light district by accident, and went to the Sex Museum and had a good laugh (I didn’t realise porn films existed in the 1920’s!) It was absolutely lovely. At the same time it was also tiring and a tad bit stressful (especially when I missed my train to Brussels from London and consequently had to rebook my ENTIRE trip there). But it was so worth it.

I’m on the train back to London now and I’m looking forward to getting home and to being surrounded by familiarity again.

So, for fuck sake travel alone. You won’t regret it.



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