The first flat I’ve rented all by myself with my own money, with a signed and sealed lease and bills coming out the wazoo is the flat I’m in now in dingy old East London. I don’t live there all by myself- I have three housemates and a boyfriend who tends to keep the dining table diligently occupied with his computer and stereo and large variety of war strategy games. He has also proven useful at giving good ‘falling-asleep’ cuddles. And with all of the houses pitfalls and annoying quirks, it’s the first place that’s been mine.

When I first moved in last September I knew I needed to make my room my safe haven. I wanted to transform it into a place I could come at the end of the day and feel protected from all of the buzz of London and the stress of work and every day life as a 22 year old. But, at the same time, I didn’t want to make it feel clinical or rigid with bright white sheets and perfect order and my clothes all folded and a flourescent light illuminating every inch of space. What I wanted was ‘disheveled organization’- a space that felt neat but homely and lived in and warm.

The longer I have lived in my own flat and the longer and further away from home I’ve lived the more I’ve realised the importance of creating a space for me. This isn’t my parents house anymore, I am not living with my employers as an Au Pair, I don’t share a dorm room with someone I go to college with. The only two people who inhabit this space are me and Shaun. It’s a room for us. Me and him. Our little unit. And it’s sole purpose is to make us feel comfortable.

So here it is, our little room and a few bits and bobs that make home feel like home:

This is possibly my favourite thing in the whole house. It’s a pin up board next to our bed where I put letters, cards, reminders and souveniers from people I love and things I’ve done. A few things up there include a ticket to my first West End show, letters from my closest friend back home and a few special birthday cards.


Here is our windowsill. I love to put random bits and bobs up here (as you can see…). I’ve got my Jon Snow pop figure and Shaun has his random guy from Fallout or something. I made Shaun a jar of love notes which is up there. There’s dried flowers from the first bunch of flowers Shaun ever bought me, loads of photos and pictures and candles. Bliss.

Here’s our bed. Riveting stuff. Piece de resistance. Before Shaun moved in I had a pink paisley bed spread, so when it turned from ‘my’ bedroom to ‘our’ bedroom we went shopping and bought a new duvet cover and pillows that we were both liked. Again, this is from M&S as they have really good quality bedroom products and really reasonable prices. Plus if you flip the pillows and duvets over they’re white! So you can mix and match. I’m such a slut for a good mix and match….

This is a bowl that sits next to the bath. I bought it from M&S for a financially crippling £3.50. I put all my soaps in there and it helps my baths feel more relaxing and personal when I don’t have my soaps and shampoos etc interspersed with everyone else’s things.

And there you have it beautiful reader! My little humble abode!


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