I was born in a red sunburned country. An Island down under called Australia. I came earth-side on the 17th of November 1994 in the small city of Perth in Western Australia. It sits snuggly on the edge of the vast Indian Ocean. The city itself is so minute and the area surrounding it is … Continue reading COMING HERE


April is going to be a busy month! I have two trips planned- first is Amsterdam in early April and then Belfast is second in the middle of the month. Stay tuned as I'll be blogging my little heart out and will post a little itinerary before jetting off!  


I LOVE Sunday. For me it feels like the only day in my week that doesn't carry with it any expectation of activity. It's a blank slate. Living in a bustling city that pumps with constant adrenaline I need to have a day where I can choose not engage with the mania. London has a unique … Continue reading SUNDAY


I was sad. When I woke in the morning I felt dull. Everything around me was the colour of a concrete slab. I looked forward to nothing. My alarm would buzz violently on my bedside table, a shrill urgency alerting the room that the day had begun. I slap it off. Make breakfast, brush teeth, … Continue reading DAFFODIL